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Suter Yamaha R3 Slipper Clutch 15-18

Yamaha R3 2015-2018 SuterClutch is highly impressive through its fine responsiveness, the efficient inner lubrication and its easy installation. The special color of this clutch results from the hard anodized teflon coating which considerably...

SuspAct Chassis Geometry Program Bike File

$500.00 - $650.00
SuspAct Chassis Geometry Program File. Your access "dongle key" that is sold separately gives you access to the program each motorcycle you own will have a different profile and setup that is sold here. The .BK1 and .BK2 files offer different levels of...

Yamaha R3 415 Conversion Kit

Yamaha R3 - Select front and rear sprocket sizes from the options chart. 415 Conversion Kit converts your stock 520 chain and sprockets to 415 Sizes. On average a weight savings of 2 LBS. Kit includes your choice of sprocket, chain with rivet link,...