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Yamaha R6 Race Bodyset

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Yamaha R6 Race Body Work set for the 2017-2020.

Taylormade Racing Bodywork. The Next level racing bodywork for sport bikes. Taylormade Racing is an industry leader in composites technology innovating a proprietary process which impregnates the high-quality resin into the specialized mat material in a vacuum. This process eliminates sub-surface voids and air inclusions resulting in a much more robust body panel than other manufacturers can produce all while maintaining an industry leading light weight.

Areas requiring additional substance are fitted with an aerospace grade honeycomb material that stiffens the panel without compromising flexibility. By marrying the specialized mat and the aerospace honeycomb material, we can enjoy the benefits of both materials’ beneficial properties. These strong, lightweight, and flexible body panels have a greater survival rate in the event of a crash, often times repairs are possible rather than having to replace the part.

The separation lines are carefully thought out resulting in an unparalleled ease of installation and service. This saves time while servicing your machine and making repairs while at the track. Our bodywork is designed in such a way that the upper and lower fairings can remain on the machine while only removing the side panels.

None of these materials and techniques will result in inexpensive bodywork. Given these facts, we cannot offer you the cheapest bodywork, but we can offer you the absolute best.


  • Fairing
  • Belly Pan
  • Side Panel Left Hand
  • Side Panel Right Hand
  • Tail

See separate listing for seat. 


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